Thursday, March 1, 2018

i am poem

I Am Poem

I am LJ
I am  strong and lazy
78I wonder why space time isn't the same
I hear my friend fighting
I see  the clouds moving
I want  my family to be happy
I am LJ

I am LJ
I pretend to be a celebrity
I feel healed when I get hurt
I touch the soft clouds
I worry about my family
I cry when someone dies in my family
I am  LJ

I am LJ
I understand  when my mum is angry
I say  I am the best
I dream to have a good future
I try to be good at all times
I hope that my friends don't become bullies  

I am LJ


  1. hi it is me again Emma i really like your i am poem it sounds like you have a big family well not really in my family we are a family of 5 me my younger brother, my younger sister my dad and my mum.
    thanks Emma.

  2. Hi Lj really liked your i am poem and i like that you have a big family i only have my sister and I.

  3. i really like it is catchy i is cool to