Friday, March 2, 2018


Today me and ford made a 3rs poster it was hard to find the ideas and it was easy to collaborate together hope you like the poster 


  1. Hi LJ Its Hannah here I really like how you could see that you worked together and planned before you started but maybe next time you could try find a different way of presenting your work keep up the good work

  2. hi i'm Emma i go to St Patricks school i am 10 turning 11, but any way i like the three r's but you could add a few more words inn the three r's for me thanks.

  3. Hi LJ. My name is James and I go to St Patricks Primary School. I like how you said you will let people play with you in the playground. You have some good ideas about respect in the playground.

  4. Hi LJ I'm Griffin from St Patricks I like the 3rs it is presented in a colourful easy to read form and is very helpful maybe you could check out my blog at