Monday, October 31, 2016


Today we made a Origami bat.
This is what I did:
1 The first step is fold the edges of the paper.
3 You need to fold the end of  the paper to make the body
4 Then make some wings and put them on the upper sides.
5 Put them a little bit down.
6 Then make a face out of paper and glue the bits on.


  1. Hi Lj,My name is Abby from Yaldhurst Model School.I like how you explained how to make it but what if a five year old read it maybe next time you should take photos when your making it.Bye for now.

  2. Hello Lj.
    My name is Mika from Yaldhurst Model School. I like how you explain how fold a origami bat but to make this better you can add some photos.
    From Mika (How to pronounce my name, me ka)